As the number of cars on the road increases and their production increases

After the introduction you should get your audience to think a bit about what they need and then present this.

Automobile is all but inseparable part of the business as it provides mobility to employees and brings them to and from work. Many people have a need for a vehicle that meets their needs in terms of mobility and comfort while they are on the go.

We can find various kinds of cars from different eras, from classic cars like the Ferrari or Maserati to luxury style cars like Lamborghini or BMW.

What is a car? It is a vehicle that helps us to move. Why do we need it? If you want to get somewhere, you need a car. A car is usually made of steel or some other material that can withstand the abuse of harsh weather conditions and the highway speeds along with your irrational driving habits.

The first and foremost reason people buy cars is to get from point A to point B on roadways sprinkled with potholes, slippery roads and traffic jams. The second reason they buy cars is for leisure and are used as daily drivers by their owners. However, it also applies for business use as well – any kind of business activities require good transport capabilities in order to perform at its best. Hence when we talk about transportation we must include cars in our scope of conversation – vehicles are

Car is a basic necessity for every business to move. Without it, we cannot run our business, travel from point A to B and do other activities which would be required in our daily life.

As the economy is heavily dependent on transportation sector, especially the car service industry in India, there are several challenges that needs to be addressed during the planning of future transportation such as improving accessibility of roads and public transport and studying the future trends in this field.

The current situation with car has been a major issue that has been facing us for many years now. Countries like India are directly impacted by it because they rely heavily on cars to provide mobility and convenience while transporation is vital for every single Indian whether they work or reside outside their place of residence or if they are students who are travelling back.

The „car for business” market is growing and getting more complex. With increasing fuel prices, the transportation of goods is becoming a real issue.

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