We need to rethink the way we think about cars

Technology is changing transport and our commuting habits, but so much of it is driven by the engine and drivetrain of a vehicle. Cars are not just for moving people around; they are part of our lifestyle now. They are also becoming more comfortable, safer and easier to use day-to-day.

A car can be a beautiful thing, but it’s also expensive, complex and risky. It doesn’t help that we have trouble getting used to driving on different roads than those in which we live. We want to avoid driving on some streets very late at night when traffic is tight – something which admits too much risk for us in a city environment where no one lives nearby or else they would not be able to commute everyday with their dog

We are all familiar with the self-driving car. It is expected that autonomous cars will be available in our roads in the near future. Therefore, the use of autonomous cars is seen as a great opportunity for business.

If a business has to find a car for their CEO or other company heads, they can use AI to find some specific credit reports and price tags. If a customer needs a car for his executive, he can use AI to make sure that the car will be the one that he needs.

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